Solar Pool Heating Panels in Hernando County, Florida & Surrounding Areas

Solar Pool Heating Panels

House Roof with Solar Panel - Home Energy in Hudson, FL
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Top View of House with Solar Panel on Roof and Beach - Pool Heating in Hudson, FL
The average unheated swimming pool in the Central Florida area can only reach and maintain ~82ºf when screened and ~85ºf without a screen enclosure for about 125 days out of the year. With our solar pool heating systems, you can extend your swimming season to 300 days out of the year; that's 175+ more days of swimming! Adding a solar pool heating system to your home not only increases it's value by being more energy efficient, but it also allows you to make the most of your pool investment. It's cost effective, and there is absolutely no pollution to the environment.

Solar Water Heaters of Hudson has the right solar pool heater for you. By gathering information such as pool size and depth, roof area, exposure, and pool equipment layout, we can design a system that best fits your swimming pool needs. Solar pool heating collectors can be installed on almost any roof surface. With the use of an automatic solar controller, sensors and motorized bypass valve, we ensure you get the most from your solar pool heater. In other words, the system works automatically in conjunction with your pool equipment and the available energy from the sun.

When a solar pool heating system is installed, there is no extra cost to operate it. It simply uses the existing pool pump to drive the pool water through the solar panels, warming the water before it is discharged back into the pool. A solar pool heating system has very few moving parts, thus making it virtually maintenance-free, and with the available Solar Temperature controller and integrated motorized valve, all you have to do is set your desired temperature and walk away while the system heats your pool using free energy from the sun.