Solar Pool Heating in Hernando County, Florida & Surrounding Areas

Solar Panel House Plan - Solar Water Heaters in Hudson, FL
Solar Water Heaters of Hudson has been in business since 1979. We offer solar pool heating systems to Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus counties and surrounding areas. Solar water heaters safely and inexpensively heat your pool to a temperature comfortable for swimming, even during the spring and fall. Once a solar pool heating system is installed, there is no extra cost to operate it. It uses the existing pool pump to drive the pool water through the solar panels, warming the water before it is discharged back into the pool.

A typical unheated swimming pool in central Florida is only warm enough to be enjoyable for about 120 days of the year. That means most pool owners will only be able to look at their beautiful pool for the majority of the year, unable to get in because the water is too cold.
A properly sized and professionally installed Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System will not only give you nearly year-round enjoyment, but it will also give you more out of your swimming pool investment. In many cases, it has been proved that a swimming pool could be solar heated for less than 10% of what it cost to build the pool. It only makes sense to heat your pool so you can enjoy it 80% more.

Our Heliocol Solar Pool Collectors are built with the best and finest materials available in today’s solar industry. Made by Magen Eco Energy, a worldwide recognized leader in the plastics industry, these collectors are made to last in excess of 20 years. This is twice as long as any recognized competitors' brand. As if the durability wasn't enough, Heliocol is the only Solar Collector that offers a FULL 12 year warranty.

The warranty not only covers the collectors, but also all the mounting attachments down to the clips and gaskets. But wait—it also covers all the labor and handling for the full 12 years. No one else offers this, and the reason is because of the reliability of the Heliocol brand and to offer the best peace of mind to our clients.

Our installation process is flawless. We don't leave any details behind. From the moment we give an estimate to the last solar piece installed on the roof, we are sure to maintain clear and open communication with our clients. This way, there are no surprises down the road. We feel this is the least we can do for our customers because they put their confidence in our work.
Our installation department will provide the most knowledgeable and professional work possible.They are also able to answer any questions while the work is being done. They will be respectful, clean, and organized at all times, keeping the job site neat and being conscientious of the property.

At the end of each job, every system is fully tested to mimic the most extreme conditions to make sure there are no issues. We make sure that when we leave a job, our systems are more than likely to be trouble-free for a very long time.

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