Solar Water Heaters in Hernando County, Florida & Surrounding Areas

Solar Panels on Roof - Solar Water Heaters in Hudson, FL
Solar Water Heaters of Hudson offers solar water heaters to residents of Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus counties and surrounding areas. Our solar water heaters offer the convenience of traditional water heaters, but without the additional costs, emissions, and hassles. It works in three simple steps:

1) Water in the storage tank is pumped through a series of valves to your solar collector.
2) As the water rises through the solar collector, it is heated by the sun's thermal energy.
3) The heated water is then returned back to the tank, where it is stored until used.
Solar water heaters are our specialty. They are our namesake and our flagship. Nothing feels better than using free, clean, and efficient solar hot water. Think about all the things we use hot water for every day: showers, dishes, clothes, hot baths, and much more. Imagine how much you would save on your energy costs each month if hot water were free. That's what solar hot water does for you - it provides your home and family with FREE hot water!

The average home electric water heater reflects 30% (or more in some cases) of your monthly electric bill. Just think of what you could do by saving up to 95% of this 30% when choosing to install a solar hot water system!

Harnessing energy from the sun only makes sense. Consumers are currently using more than 50 trillion kilowatt hours of power every year to heat their water, yet our sun can produce that amount of power in just one hour a day. You can put that kind of energy to work for your home with a reliable solar hot water system from us. All you have to do is sit back, relax, use hot water as much as you need, and see the savings month after month, year after year.

We offer a variety of solar hot water applications that are fit for families of up to 12. Our systems are designed and configured for every type of roof. With many layouts and sizes to choose from, we can provide your home with the most advanced, efficient, and state-of-the-art system available in today's solar market. A professional solar consultant will discuss all the possible options at the time of the estimate.

Worried about not having hot water on less-sunny days? Every one of our solar hot water units comes with a built-in single electric element in the solar storage tank. This is only used if there are multiple cloudy days. It's designed to consume far less energy that a conventional hot water tank (2 elements), while still giving you the comfort of hot water even when it's overcast outside.

Solar hot water will also increase the real estate value of your home. However, there are a few guidelines and questions that we'll provide to you to make sure that it's to your best benefit. Remember, if it doesn't work for you, it won't work for us.

All this being said, we invite you to take a step into our Solar World and step out of a world consumed by it's energy needs, dependent on oil and fossil fuels, clouding our beautiful planet from natural, renewable energy resources such as solar and wind. We guarantee that the next time you use your hot water and look at a solar hot water collector mounted on your roof, the feeling of clean energy, savings and responsibility to our planet will be fulfilling in it's entirety.

Call us today and go solar!