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The company founder, Earl Elwinger, worked for Solar Water Heaters of New Port Richey in Florida for several years. Earl was passionate and curious about how solar hot water systems worked. He had always had a keen interest in opening his own solar company. He finally got his chance in 1979. Factory owner Mr. Ramsey asked him to open his own company, promising to provide him with all the necessary materials.

Back then, solar wasn't very popular. Very few people understood how the systems worked. It would take all the passion, drive, and knowledge that Earl had to succeed in a new industry in an environment with limited solar energy available at the time. Earl was joined by his father, Bill, later that year. Together, they vowed to do whatever it took to show the Hudson, Florida, community what solar energy was all about and make a difference. Sitting under an oak tree on Spring Hill Drive, Earl and Bill discussed solar energy with the locals. They frequently stopped by and looked at the mobile display mounted on a trailer. It was hooked up to a solar hot water panel and a tank. This unit was constantly producing clean, accessible, and efficient hot water. Everyone looked at it in awe.

System after system, with word of mouth spreading around town, Nature Coast Solar began to grow. We expanded across Hernando, Pasco, and Citrus counties. After so much success, in 1983, the company expanded into the solar pool heating field. Our product of choice? Heliocol solar collectors. Although we have evolved so much over the last 38 years, we have never forgotten how our company was founded. It wasn't just the passion and drive of pioneers in the solar industry like Earl and Bill that helped make the company what it is today. The loyalty, support, and belief from our customers and local people genuinely believe in solar.

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